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OBJECTIVE ANALYSIS offers third-party independent market research and data for the semiconductor industry and investors in the semiconductor industry.

Founded by leading industry experts, Objective Analysis provides excellence in market data, reviews of technology, analysis, and custom consulting.

Through our analysts’ comprehensive industry backgrounds and deep understanding in their fields, the company provides clients with a rare level of insight and fact-based research into the “why” and “how” of the industry.

An extraordinary array of industry contacts allows Objective Analysis to find data you need to make strategic decisions and to understand your competitive environment.

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OBJECTIVE ANALYSIS is a hand-picked team of highly-seasoned semiconductor industry analysts each committed to providing clients with the most unbiased evaluation possible of industry status, events, and outlook for the future. With the help of the Objective Analysis team technology firms can more finely tune their goals to assure business success.

We pride ourselves in being first seers: industry observers who pick up on important trends before they fully materialize, helping clients take the lead in important emerging markets.

Our analysts, each with an average of over 25 years of industry experience, give our clients the unvarnished truth, painting scenarios of likely outcomes, suggesting strategies with unparalleled clarity based on their in-depth understanding of the issues, competitive landscape, and prime motivators of market success or failure.

Blogs - Learn Our Views
Check out Objective Analysis' blogs:

The Memory Guy: A blog about all things memory - technology, business, and other news

The SSD Guy: Covering SSDs from all angles - Applications, Products, Technologies, etc.

Have a look, and let us know what you think by commenting on a post you happen to like!

Events - Meet With Us
Objective Analysis team members will be participating in the following events.  Contact us to arrange a meeting.

Jim Handy will present at SNIA's Storage Developers' Conference in Santa Clara, California September 19-22.  Contact Jim to arrange a meeting.

Jim Handy will present at the TechTarget Storage Decisions Conference in Chicago November 15-16.  Contact Jim to arrange a meeting.

Webinars, Podcasts - Learn Something New
Ray Lucchesi of Silverton Consulting and Howard Marks of Deep Storage, The Graybeards of Storage, interview Jim Handy about the August 2016 Flash Memory Summit.  Click HERE to listen to the podcast.

Watch Jim Handy's presentation: Today's Big Changes Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg at the Storage Networking Industry Association's (SNIA) Data Storage Innovation (DSI) conference on June 14, 2016

Jim Handy is featured in a May 2016 TechTarget podcast:
Analyst: 3D NAND technology could stick around for 20 years.  Hear why NAND flash is moving to 3D, and the impact this will bring to computing systems.  The webcast can be found by clicking HERE.

Jim Handy participated in a round table webinar: "Best Practices for Solid State Storage Implementation" hosted by BrightTalk on July 18, 2013.  A replay of the webcast is available HERE.

Jim Handy made a 45-minute presentation on the role of SSDs as an alternative to DRAM during the 2013 Enterprise Storage Summit webinar hosted by BrightTalk on June 12, 2013.  A replay of the webcast is available HERE.

Jim Handy hosted a panel of SPDEcon solid state storage presenters on BrightTalk on 30 May, 2013.  A replay of this webcast is available HERE.

Jim Handy and Tom Coughlin reviewed the findings of their IOPS survey in a 15 May, 2013 webcast that can be viewed HERE.

John Iasiuolo and Sharon Fry of Computer Outlook interview Jim Handy at the Storage Visions 2013 Conference, Las Vegas, Jan 7, 2013.

Greg Shulz of StorageIO interviews Jim Handy about the past, present, and future of SSDs, Nov 13, 2012.

Jim Handy delivered the keynote for Avnet Embedded's SSD Virtual SummitOther presenters include Adaptech, Crucial, Dell, HGST, Intel, Kingston, LSI, Micron, OCZ, Rorke Data, Seagate, SMART Storage, STEC, and Toshiba.

Jim Handy and Tom Coughlin describe the different forms of paired storage (Flash or SSD paired with HDDs) at the SNIA webcast: "Why HDD and Flash Belong Together"

Jim Handy and Tom Coughlin explain SSD testing and show different results at the SNIA webcast: "SSD Performance Testing - Some Real Results"

Jim Handy presents today's and tomorrow's leading memory types for Micron-Numonyx at EE Times.  Click HERE.

Jim Handy's SNIA webcast: Why & How SSDs are Economical.  Click HERE.

White Papers - Examples of Our Work (Free)

  • Why Wait for Storage Class Memory?  A white paper on Netlist's HybriDIMM.  Click HERE
  • 2016 Forecast.  Click HERE
  • Matching Flash to the Processor.  Click HERE
  • Comparing Apple's and Samsung's Economies of Scale.  Click HERE
  • Using Flash as Memory - A More Straightforward Way to Boost Performance.  Click HERE
  • Making the Most of Flash Storage.  Click HERE.
  • Enterprise Reliability, Solid State Speed.  Click HERE.
  • NoC Interconnect Improves SoC Economics.  Click HERE.
  • Why we Need a New Memory Technology.  Click HERE.
  • NVELO's Dataplex, NAND Cache is Back! Click HERE.
  • Phase-Change Memory Becomes a Reality.  Click HERE.
  • Two May be Better Than One: Why Hard Disk Drives and Flash Belong Together (with SNIA).  Click HERE.
  • Choosing the Right Solid State Storage Device: A Case Study of the SNIA SSSI Performance Test Specification.  Click HERE.
  • Flash and HDD: Symbiosis or Survival of the Fittest? Click HERE.
  • NAND Flash Storage for the Enterprise - an In-Depth Look at Reliability (with SNIA). Click HERE.
  • Solid State Storage 101 (with SNIA). Click HERE.
In the 1980s Humphrey Products published "How To Make an Integrated Circuit."  It's still funny!  Click the mouse picture to see the brochure.  Offered with the permission of Humphrey Products.

We have found a clean scan of the Signetics "Write-Only Memory" datasheet.  Click the Signetics logo to see it.

EDN's Paul Rako posted a great compilation of April Fools' pranks (and others) pulled by various engineers in the semiconductor industry.  Click the EDN logo to be taken to this wonderfully funny article and waste a half hour of your time.

Affiliations - Who We Work With
Objective Anaysis is proud to be a Gerson Lehrman Group Council Partner.

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Member of Clear Vision Advisors.

Member of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI).  Four SNIA white papers authored in part by Jim Handy can be downloaded from the SNIA website: